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1 gram of Black Soldier Fly eggs may yield as many as 40-45,000 larvae. These eggs will hatch within 3-4 days of being laid. They are an ideal way to add them to your compost bin or BSF pod.

This is the most cost-effective way to boost your existing BSFL colony. Do not use this product to start a colony, as the neonates are very fragile and living with larger larvae can hinder survival. Once hatched, you will be able to see a decent working population of black soldier fly larvae within a week. Purchasing BSF in the egg stage of their life cycle allows you to control what they consume from birth, depending on your purposes.


+ Calculation of number of eggs is based on the the weight of the individual egg to be 0.027mg. 1 gram contains ~37,000 eggs.

+ 10% more will always be included in your package to ensure your satisfaction. + Hatching black soldier fly eggs is a delicate procedure, and high risk of failure is a factor to consider.

This product comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY! We will still cover the risk of delivery. DOA/poor product quality must be reported with 1 hour upon arrival based on carrier record...

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