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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy policy for ORDERFARMSE :

ORDERFARMSE (hereinafter will be referred as ORDERFARMSE ) is an online private limited company that works on providing online buying and selling transactions of a comprehensive range of food products. ORDERFARMSE always stands in the pivotal position in respecting and safeguarding its customer’s privacy. Our privacy policy describes what personal information is collected by the ORDERFARMSE from its customers and how it will be used by it (ORDERFARMSE ) and third parties for the further transactions. Please go through the every point of privacy policy before start using the website or any of its services. Your use of the website or any of its services declares your strong consent towards the every point of our privacy policy.

o The privacy policy speaks about the ORDERFARMSE use regarding user(s) personal and non-personal information of their account. It is suggested to our every user to go through the privacy policy along with the terms of use to have the better knowledge and understanding towards the ORDERFARMSE and use of its services.

2. What information does ORDERFARMSE collect from user(s) :

o When user(s) register the account with ORDERFARMSE in order to gain additional features or to access the full-fledged services, personal and non-personal information from user(s) will be collected when required. Personal information is not just confined to name, address, and date of birth but proportionate to ORDERFARMSE requirements. However, you do have the facility to opt out of sharing the information when you really feel the info is highly private excluding the cases when it is marked as mandatory on the field or else you will fail to avail the services of ORDERFARMSE .

o The reason why ORDERFARMSE collects the personal information of its customers is to provide more effective and personalized services that will ensure ample happiness to its every customer. ORDERFARMSE maintains the list of your personal data in order to facilitate the users with customized alerts and preferences in providing the services, offers and to support customers by creating a fraud-free environment with utmost ease and based on the information that was provided by the user(s).

o Some part of the information may be collected through the user(s) visit to the website (ORDERFARMSE ) and it may be stored in the server logs in form of data. This data is considered as the reference for ORDERFARMSE to have a better understanding on a number of user visits to the website. Few part of information might be shared with the sponsors, investors, advertisers, developer, strategic business partners of ORDERFARMSE . While using the Website, ORDERFARMSE 's servers (hosted by a third party service provider) may collect information indirectly and automatically about your activities on the Website; for instance by way of cookies.

o In case of any advertisements or promotions run on the website by third parties or by any of the sponsor's behalf of us, they might collect the user(s) information that might not be permitted to IP addresses, browser software, number of clicks, number of unique visitors, internet service provider, exit/referring pages, type of platform, date/time stamp, screen resolution etc. for analysis that helps us provide you improved user experience and services.

o We (ORDERFARMSE ) keep the data of our every user(s) of buying and browsing activities on the website (ORDERFARMSE ) which will not be limited to user(s) contact details, profiles and uses the same information in order to provide hassle free, improvised value added services to the user(s).

o We have built the website with the team of finest coders which makes the ORDERFARMSE strong enough to withstand from hack and bugs. However, please note that website (ORDERFARMSE ) is also not a risks proof website.

3. How ORDERFARMSE use the user(s) personal information :

o Based on the information that you have provided to the ORDERFARMSE , you might receive email alerts, SMS subscriptions from it (ORDERFARMSE ) or from the third parties that are linked or unlinked with ORDERFARMSE and ORDERFARMSE does not exercise any control over it. However, ORDERFARMSE values a lot to its user(s) privacy, you can choose to opt-out receiving emails at any time by just clicking  unsubscribe  option attached in the every subscription email.

4. Disclosure :

o ORDERFARMSE will choose to disclose the information of any user(s) when it is forced to disclose to government or third parties in case of any legal obligations.

5. With whom  ORDERFARMSE   share user(s) information :

o As a basic ethic, ORDERFARMSE will never share any sort of user(s) information whether it may be personal or impersonal until and unless when ORDERFARMSE has the user(s) permission or under any special cases such as providing info on good faith or in the case of any legal obligations and law requires. ORDERFARMSE also reserve the right to disclose the information which is required to identify or to proceed legally against someone who was caught violating the  Terms of Use  or standing as the reason for the interference of services or rights of ORDERFARMSE .

o You will be asked to provide the necessary information while making a purchase or making a use of service on ORDERFARMSE . As ORDERFARMSE uses an online payment gateway that is operated by a third party and the information that you share with ORDERFARMSE is transferred and shared with such third party payment gateway operator. And user(s) has to note that the mentioned operator may have access to your information like online purchases history/details that you do from ORDERFARMSE . However, extremely sensitive information of the user(s) like credit/debit card details is processed upon the highly secured websites with high digital encryption which can leave every transaction free of risk. However, not all the times the internet medium is secured to shop and so it is requested to user(s) to exercise discretion in using the same.

6. How ORDERFARMSE secure user(s) information :

o ORDERFARMSE works with sophisticated technologies round the clock to ensure the information of user(s) is highly secured and is treated securely every time.

o ORDERFARMSE strongly request its user(s) to not to forget to sign out every time from their respective user(s) accounts after finishing off their work so that, leaving no chance to the intruder to misuse your account and the personal information associated with it.

o The world is so big and there is always a chance of getting your privacy disturbed at anytime from any corner. However, ORDERFARMSE always strives its best to secure your data transmission to it with advanced technologies but user(s) has to always keep in mind that, any data shared or transferred on ORDERFARMSE will be upon his/her (user(s)) own risk.

7. User :

o In the case of any breach of security of any of the third parties that are linked up with ORDERFARMSE . We are here to confirm you that, ORDERFARMSE may be linked to many other websites internally and we are not/shall be not responsible for their privacy policies or practices as it is beyond our control.

o Notwithstanding anything contained in this Policy or elsewhere, ORDERFARMSE shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or misuse of Your Information, if such loss, damage or misuse is attributable to a Force Majeure Event (as defined in Terms of Use).

8. Distribution of information :

o ORDERFARMSE has the right to send mails regarding its products and services to its customers/clients. However, ORDERFARMSE constantly try to improvise its services and its website functionality time to time according to the customer interests and satisfaction.

9. Amendment of privacy policy :

o ORDERFARMSE may change this privacy policy at any time and the changed policy will become effective from the time of posting. So, it is the user/client responsibility to check the privacy policy every time before using the services or the shopping. Your use of the service or website declares strong consent and acceptance towards the policy.