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BSFL Love Cage


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Black Soldier Fly larvae are the best, balanced feed for chickens, lizards, fish and anything else that benefits from high protein feed.

The box is a self-contained environment that will allow you to breed BSFlies all year round. It is insulated, heated and provides everything you need to raise maggots all year round.
The list of what you will need for this build will vary. You lucky sods who live in hot and sunny places will only need to build the frame and cover it with mosquito net.

So here is the list.

-Sheets of thin ply wood. 6-8mm
-Sheets of thicker plywood. 12-16mm
-Sheets of Celutex insulation board25mm thick.
-Lengths of 50mm batton.
-Wood glue.
- Decking screws.
-4" Extractor fan.
-4" Ducting
-4" Carbon air filter
-Mosquito nets
-Door draft excluder sticky strips
-Oil heater
-50Watt LED floodlight. (MUST BE 50w or more or flies won't mate. They require BRIGHT sunlight.)
-Circulation Fan.
-Bottles of liquid. (They store heat and help prevent wide fluctuations in temperatures.
-Thermostat controlled Plug. (One for hear and one for cool. )
-Inline on/off timer.
-5m of 3 core cable and a plug.
-Maggot bin. (This box has space for 2 bins like the wooden one I posted a while ago. Without this you have nowhere for the maggots to eat. You have nowhere to feed them.)

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